Sunday, November 29, 2009

Honest Ink

The honest trend:
Another positive aspect of the economic crash is that it has sparked a thrust for knowledge, world involvement and honesty. Along with this trend, social networking has dramatically burst on the scene and absorbed the planet into an extreme connection bubble. Our personal lives are now on display to anyone who cares to look at them. Privacy is now a thing of the past; honesty and openness have become some of cultures hottest trends.


Once something considered edgy and /or low-class, tattoos have transcended every self-set class division of America. ‘Getting inked’ seems to be one of America’s favorite methods of embracing self-expression and uniqueness. However, the content of tattoos is beginning to shift. People’s thrust for honesty and openness has spilled into the tattoo sub-culture and sparked a new trend in the way of inking; enter the extremely honest tattoos.

The Honest Tattoo:
Proclaiming one’s own pride and self-honesty via body ink is a movement embarrassed by tattoo seekers across the nation. From sexual preference to one’s inner geekness, no one’s ‘skeletons in the closet’ seem to be off limits.

What do you think?


  1. I don't know if I can completely agree with it being a trend... I mean if you look at porn stars like Chad Hunt,he has a tattoo of two male symbols together. He's been in the business for so long (2000-present),no pun intended on his unit,but I think honesty has always been a great part of the tattoo culture. From people getting tattoos of their loved ones names,initials,feminist tattoos,family member's portraits,even symbolic points of view. I think and I'm speaking from personal experience as a tattooed person that it's always there and it's always been displayed. I don't think it's a trend so much that it's being finally exposed and recognized. I think that's why so many people get tired and offended when asked about their tattoos,because it's personal and true to their soul and don't like being questioned about them,unless they're looking for that attention. I mean if you think about it who really wants to be asked about their tattoos? Granted it's a visual and it's displayed,but I think more and more people get them for themselves and not to be asked. I think it's an honesty within that they're trying to settle.

  2. I think I used a really bad example wth the porn star! Janaeane Garafalo has a lotus flower and the word "Liberal" tattooed with it,Henry Rollins has a Black Flag tattoo of his former days in Black Flag. I know this is trite,but angelina jolie has tattoos of her own "honesty" I don't think it's a trend it's been around for years. I think your blog post is trying to bring it to the forefront and expose it. My own friend and mentor Theo Kogan has sleeves of tattoos of her own personal story and she's a model. It's been out there for awhile.